Free Diet Tips Will Tell You The Secrets Of Getting A Perfect Body – Part 1

May be you have tried many diet programs in an effort to lose weight, but never been successful in the long run, either to lose weight or to keep it off. Why? Because…You are not an average person. Most diet programs are of the one size fits all kind.

You need individualized program which tailored to your own personal needs and requirements.

Herbalife’s ShapeWorks Weight Management Program is a weight loss program, which takes into account your metabolism and your body type.

When I started Herbalife ShapeWorks program I was fat. As I lost weight, I also found that I had a lot more energy.

I want to help you attain your weight loss goals. That is why I have put together these diet tips, which will help you to start your weight-loss program.

The first diet tip – identify the reason

You need to know why you actually want to lose weight. Is it because of health reasons? Is it because you want to look better? Is it a combination of both? Keep in mind these answers and stay motivated.

The second diet tip – find your body type

You must be aware of your body type: apple shape, pear shape or proportional. Some people are heavier on the top than bottom. And some people have more weight around their bottom and thighs.

Simply dieting will help you lose weight, but you can easily lose muscle mass instead. Upper body fat is easy to lose. But for lower body fat, you need to get sufficient protein to help reduce muscle loss. You may need to take supplements to boost your metabolism as a help in weight loss. And you have to exercise.

The third tip – set a goal weight

If you have been able to figure out the previous two tips, now you can conclude what should be the ideal weight for you. This will depend on your height, your body structure and even your age and health.

You should certainly not aim to be unrealistically thin. And you cannot change your basic bone structure. What you can change is what to carry: fat or muscles. People who have a lot of muscle may be having a higher weight, which may even be in the normal range. Conversely people who are overweight, may actually look thin, if their weight is in places where it is not very visible. The muscle-fat relationship is very important. So set your goal not only in lbs, but also as a healthy body fat percentage.

Women should have a fat percentage of 22-28 percent of the body weight, less for young women. Men should be within the 15-20 percent range.